February 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

We are extremely excited about the launch of "In Your Own Light."  We love light and the way in which it can truly transform an image.  For our first post we have each shared an image using one of our favorite light sources and included a little description about it.  We have also shared our settings.  We are so excited to start a little community with all of you to share, learn, and be inspired by light.  We hope you enjoy!  
April Burns
IMG_0015 copy copyweb
April Burns Photography
ISO 800  f/2.2  1/320  50mm 1.2L
In the evening during the winter months the sunset peeks through our south facing glass doors and it is just so amazingly beautiful!  Every evening I pause to see just how beautiful it is. I recently discovered that I could take advantage of the beautiful sunsets inside the house and I have been forever changed!

Amanda Burr

Amanda Burr Photography
ISO 400  f/1.4  1/1000  85mm

I am slightly obsessed with golden hour and outdoor backlighting.  There is something so magical and dreamy about the light during this time of day.  Learning how to handle this type of light over the last year has been such a game changer for me.  I have a new appreciation and love for light and see things in a whole new way.  This image was taken in a little pocket of light I just discovered in my yard.

"In the right light,at the right time, everything is Extraordinary" ~Aaron Rose
Candice Zugich
Blissful Maven Photography
ISO 160  f/2.0  1/1000  50mm
This was a memorable day for me as an artist. I followed the light and  I took my heart for a ride and its when I knew it was wild. I've always been the kind of girl who kept to the rules, and never took to many chances, but not this day and not from this day forward. From now on I will listen, Listen to my heart when it tells me that I KNOW how to make art. From now on I will let my heart be wild because that's when I truly am being ME.

Suzie Ziemke

ISO 800  f/1.4  1/200  35mm

During these winter months, I need to get creative with different light sources, (the sun sets so early, and it has been exceptionally cold in Minnesota this year).  I honestly have a ton of fun with it!  Here, I used the hall light to backlight my son while keeping off all the other lights in the space.  I exposed for the wall/door to create a dramatic silhouette, and his cute little profile really helped to make the shot.

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